Tuesday, November 29, 2016


This assignment had to do with opacity and learning how to create it on paper. Everyone was given a smarties and the task of drawing it in chalk. Personally I don't like using chalk because I find it hard to layer and work with without all the colors blending together or smudging. The individual smarties inside the wrapper had to have value to create a three dimensional look. The wrapper itself wasn't too hard to draw but figuring out how to create all the folds and twists I saw on my smarties was challenging at times. Drawing highlights on the wrapper over the candies was also challenging because the white wouldn't show up in some spots. Overall I enjoyed this project because I gained practice with creating opacity which is an important element in making a piece look realistic. I think my piece could have come out a little better if I had more practice with chalk but it's a good start.

Monday, November 14, 2016


For this project we used Prismacolors to draw a candy wrapper of choice. I chose a brown M&M wrapper but drew it in yellow. This project was a challenge for me because I couldn't get the shading and the creases in the wrapper right. The highlights look like random lines and the shaded regions didn't create the depth I was looking for. The M&M is the only part of the wrapper I like. If I were to do this project over again I would take more time figuring out how to draw folds and creases in a wrapper especially because I struggled with the same thing for the fabric drawing.


For this assignment we had to draw and shade a Dum-Dum with Prismacolor colored pencils. This was my second time doing this project so it came pretty easy. To shade the wrapper I used purple because it was one of the colors in the wrapper. Shading was key to make the lollipop look 3D. I expected drawing the letters to be harder but they were pretty simple. Prismacolors are definitely one of my favorite mediums to use after doing this project.