Monday, September 12, 2016

Contour Rooms

Practice Contour Room

Final Contour Room

1. In all honesty I wasn't very fluent with drawing my lines. I lifted my pen way more than I should have and you can tell where the lines stop and start especially on the counter.

2. By drawing contour hands and a backpack I learned how to observe an object as I draw it in order to get the proportions, perspective and detail right. In my final piece this enabled me to fill the shelves with the books and art supplies that are actually in the room. Also, getting the proportions of all the objects right became a lot easier by my final contour room drawing.

3. An outline drawing captures the basic shape of the object while contour drawings allow tons of detail to be added to the shape of the object. 

4. It is important to not think too deeply about what you are drawing but to rather think about the lines you are drawing. If you focus on the size and shape and length of each line your piece will come together so much easier because you aren't overthinking it. I have trouble with overthinking my art.

5. After this piece I have realized how concerned I am with how it will come out rather than focusing all my attention on the aspects of my piece while I am drawing it. I am afraid to just go with it and let my pen lead me. If  I were to do this piece over I would think less and lift my pen less. 

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