Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Look at that View

Inspiration Pictures

 Compositional and final sketches

Final Piece in-progress (not finished yet!)

1. For my project I chose to draw the front of my car looking from the grills level. The picture does have an interesting point of view but I don't think it has as much perspective as I wanted because it's one larger object in one point.

2. Perspective is important because it's in everything we see every single day. If we want to draw what we see in perspective it's essential to understand where you are in comparison to that object so the lines go in the right direction.

3. Practicing with colored pencil helped me understand how to layer colors to get the effect I want. It also taught me which colors to use to get a good variation and that it's okay to use colors totally opposite of the color of your object. In my piece I made sure to use at least 2 different colored pencils for each different color area I shaded.

4. I think my coloring came out pretty good but I struggled with creating depth and variation in the black portions and blending my colors together. To color my piece I started with the main color of the car and then added dark and lights variations over top and then went back with the main color again.

5. There are three main parts to my car which are the windshield, hood and grill. Those three things separate the piece but I don't think they create very much depth since it's just one large object.

6. This project was actually very fun for me because my car is something I am very passionate about. Being able to observe it so closely and explore mixing different colors helped me improve on problems I've had with shading for previous projects. I struggled with coloring the hood the most because the only color I had to be a contrast on the black hood was silver and not grey so some spots look metallic when the light hits it.

7. I think I would've felt a little more adventurous when picking my topic for this piece if we had practiced drawing different objects in perspective a lot more. I also would've liked more practice with prismacolor colored pencils so I could experiment before doing a final.

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