Monday, February 10, 2014

Two in One

In Progress
My "Two in One" project incorporates a snake and a lollipop into one piece. The snakes body represents the top of the lollipop. I am using a graphite pencil because it seems best for my piece. I can fix any smearing and erase as I go. Also a graphite pencil is best for blending and and creating different mediums on the snake. As I have been drawing I have noticed that making the circles of the snake are challenging especially without a template. Shading in the different sections of the snake was also difficult because it kept smearing.One thing that bothered me was that another classmate did something very similar to my idea after I started sketching.

My piece was successful because it shows the elements of a snake but it is still clearly a lollipop. I am most proud of the shading and variation of colors on the snake because it was very hard to incorporate a pattern that might be on a snake and still keep the resemblance of a lollipop. If I could go back I would make the elements of the snake clearer and add more snake like features. Yes, my picture incorporates the theme "Two in One".

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