Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Parachute Installation

First I blew up a balloon and cut up plaster strips. Then I dipped the plaster strips into a bowl of water and then smoothed the wet strips onto the top half of the balloon. Once I had about two layers of plaster strips all over the top I let the balloon sit over night and dry. The next day I popped the hardened plaster off the balloon and cut it into the shape of a parachute. From there I proceeded to paint the entire parachute a pink color I mixed up and add sparkle. To add the sparkle I rubbed a glue stick on a majority of the parachute and sprinkled on some glitter trying to add more glitter on top and less as it fanned out down the sides. After I decorated I installed all the strings using a needle tool to poke holes into the plaster. For the man hanging I wrapped multiple pieces of wire around each other in the shape of a stick figure and added a bottle cap as the head. The entire piece was kinda just thrown together as I went. For example the bottle cap was left over from my lunch and I added it because the wire man itself wasn't heavy enough to weigh down the string. Overall I am pretty happy with the way my piece turned out I think it looks very glamorous and I don't think I would change anything about it.

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